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Senior Sales

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  • Engages customers by greeting them and offering assistance with products and services.
  • Resolves customer issues and answers questions to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • Models and shares customer care best practices by proactively offering assistance, asking questions to determine customers’ needs, and informing customers of options.
  • Greets, listens, and engages customers to identify their needs, making them aware of appropriate products and services, and providing warm transfers to other areas of the store when necessary.
  • Provides expertise in product demonstrations and consultations utilizing the available products.
  • Builds relationships with customers through clienteling and eventing; provides authentic closure of customer interaction and builds and fosters relationships.
  • Engages with omni-channel solutions to enhance customer engagement/experience.
  • Locates products in other stores or online if unavailable in the store.


The Senior Sales is our brand ambassador who represents our brands and sells our beauty products at the store level for one of our retailer partners. As a Senior Sales, you will share your time and knowledge, creating a unique brand experience for every customer. You will have the opportunity to empower the customer by listening and teaching them about our beauty products on how to use and benefit most from them.

A candidate must possess a passion for beauty, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, and a drive for sales achievement with integrity to deliver retail excellence.


We will provide individuals with excellent leadership, guidance, a competitive merit based compensation, and a challenging career path.

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Adore Cosmetics


Adore Cosmetic’s research teams have discovered that stem cells harvested from organic produce which is generally richer in nutrients than mass-harvested fruits and vegetables found in most supermarkets have profound impact on our skin. Using our patented plant stem cell formula, Adore Cosmetics products take advantage of the epigenetic factors of resilient plant stem cells.

In turn, this enables your skin’s own stem cells to self-renew while slowing down the aging process. Stem cells have shown great potential to treat critical conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Adore Cosmetics uses the same type of technology for beauty using stem cells found in organic fruits and vegetables.



Adore Cosmetic’s research team kicked off their skin studies by knowing that stem cells account for just 2% to 7% of your skin’s total cells yet they’re responsible for ALL of your skin’s ability to heal itself. As time passes and environmental damage mounts, these stem cells lose effectiveness and skin loses its vitality.

Scientists from Adore Cosmetics reviewed independent research that pointed out that plants also have stem cells and that some fruit stem cells act similarly to human stem cells. The team saw the potential of applying these plant stem cells to protect human skin cells.



Adore Cosmetic’s researchers started experimenting by applying an extract of these organic plant cells to ethically collected human skin stem cells and then exposing them to UV light. They noticed that the skin cells experienced only a small loss of vitality while half of those with no extract died.

Adore Cosmetic’s scientists also tested human skin cells for premature aging due to cellular DNA damage. While the cells incubated with the extract experienced a neutralization of the negative effects and increased their growth rate, the cells that weren’t treated with the extract experienced a decrease in cellular growth.



A few simple steps will help you use Adore Cosmetics to put these plant stem cells to work to defend your skin against the effects of aging and sunlight. Adore Cosmetics products have a specially calibrated concentration of plant stem cell formula available, along with a rich blend of vitamins, essential oils, organic flower extracts and organic vegetable protein. By blending plant cell power with proven nutrients for the skin, the Adore Cosmetics skin care line restores healthy-looking.

Adore Cosmetics

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